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For 25 years Coachman Luxury Transport, has been making a difference in Long Island's ground transportation.

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46 Passenger Bus

Luxury Buses allow the party to really get started from the moment you are picked up. With our highly trained, knowledgeable and courteous drivers you're sure to have a good, safe and memorable time.

Our 46 Passenger Luxury Bus NYC is truly remarkable. It has an amazing sound system with 5 amplifiers and 4 subwoofers to make sure the music sounds great. Among its extravagant amenities: leather wrapped seats, stand up bar, one 60” Flat screen TV, two 48” flat screen TV’s and a 24” flat screen to display slide shows, movies or whatever your agenda would be and iPod hook to control your music.

The benefits of a Luxury Bus NYC versus a Limousine are many when dealing with a large group. You have plenty of space, a bigger bar space, more seating and a bit more of everything including entertainment (large screen TVs, sound system and more).


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Coachman Luxury Transport - 46 Passenger Bus

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40 Passenger Bus

Our 40 passenger luxury bus is the perfect solution to all your group transportation needs when a luxury limousine is too small and you want to travel in comfort and style. It combines comfort and safety with entertainment. The luxury bus is perfect for both corporate and private events, conferences, school trips, sporting events or concerts, casino group tours, corporate events and special occasions.

The 40 passenger luxury bus was built for fun and offers unparalleled amenities. You and your group will feel this the moment you step into the spacious cabin. The extravagant amenities include a stand-up bar, comfortable, leather wrapped seats, a 60” flat screen TV, two 48” flat screen TVs plus a 24” flat screen that can display slideshows, your favorite movies or whatever you desire. Add to the equation a state-of-the-art sound system with 5 amplifiers and 4 subwoofers and iPod hook to control your music, so you can rest assured that music will sound great and you can start the party before arriving at your destination. This spacious and comfortable vehicle offers plenty of leg room, and it can accommodate all of your group’s transportation needs.


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32 Passenger Luxury Bus

The 32 Passenger Luxury Bus NYC breaks the mold by introducing the latest in interior design features unmatched by any other Luxury Bus in the area! Our selection of Luxury Buses starts from 32 Passengers and is perfect for your night outs and more.

This amazing 32 Passenger Luxury Bus interior has leather seating, a Flat Screen TV, state of the art lighting and thunderous sound system and spacious seating making this Luxury bus perfect for transporting large groups on Weddings, Proms, and Special Events!


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20 Passenger Escalade Limo

A classy choice for groups of 20 people. Coachman's Limo 20 Passenger Escalade limousine is a true showpiece and a marvel of modern technology.

The exterior of the vehicle is painted the original "White Diamond" Cadillac pearl white paint. The sleek, solid window look makes the vehicle look real sharp going down the road. The interior features fiber optic, strobe, and laser lighting. A high output stereo and CD player, along with a flat screen TV completes the entertainment package. The interior also features a beautiful wood floor. The high ceiling makes the inside more spacious and easier to move around. There is even a private VIP seating area.


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16 Passenger Escalade Limo

If you are looking for the WOW factor well you want to rent this 16 Passenger Escalade Limo, it has a one-piece seamless window down each side of the Limo giving it that extra-long look. The interior of the Limo is where the party begins. It has a light up floor that changes colors, color wash ceiling that changes different colors as well. The seats are more than comfortable and ready to offer you relaxing moments along with the Custom multi-speaker surround sound radio/CD, Multi-screen DVD player and with the LCD TV.

Coachman's 16 Passenger Escalade Limo is the most elegant and modern SUV limousine anywhere. With seating for as many as 16 adults, the Escalade is the premium vehicle for your wedding day, prom, or other special occasion.


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